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Emergency Department Strategy Lab

An on-demand simulation modeling solution that you can use to translate your data into an action plan to improve patient flow in your Emergency Department.

Leverage Your Data

Every ED is different. Your ED’s data is the foundation of your ED Strategy Lab. The result is a fully customized predictive analytics solution that drives your ED’s process improvement initiatives.

Reduce Walkout Rates

EDs lose substantial revenue with every patient that walks out of the ED without being seen. Using the ED Strategy Lab to improve your ED’s performance and reduce costly walkout rates.

Strengthen Your Team

Process improvement is an ongoing effort. The ED Strategy Lab makes this effort collaborative. Every member of your team can use the solution to quantify the benefit of changes to your ED.

Improve Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is critical to the success of your ED. The ED Strategy Lab allows you to improve the patient experience by reducing waiting times and overall length-of-stay.

Answer Your Questions

What if you add a provider-in-triage? Add a fast-track? Build a lab in the ED? Use your ED Strategy Lab to evaluate hundreds of alternatives. Select your action plan and realize the benefit.

Increase Profitability

The ED Strategy Lab can help you identify a winning operational strategy. You will realize increased profitability by aligning resources to demand and increasing throughput.


"I am amazed at how Roundtable software simulates a seemingly limitless number of possible solutions — with ease. The problem has always been that as administrators, we have to commit to a strategy before we know how it will really work. Now I can simulate alternatives first and identify a plan for process improvement in my Emergency Department."

Christian Lawson, RN, MBA

Director of Emergency Services

"Our ED Strategy Lab is revolutionizing our decision making. For the first time ever, we have a robust, scientifically based tool to inform our change management efforts. We can perform thousands of rapid cycle tests of change with a few key strokes. This will save enormous time and money and ultimately make change more successful."

Dr. Tim Reeder, MD, MPH

Vice Chair for Clinical Operations

Founding Team

We’ve listened to hundreds of emergency medicine stakeholders about the challenges of managing an ED. Their message is clear: predictive analytics will unlock their ED’s potential but insights must be relevant, actionable, and timely.

Kenny Lopiano, PhD

Founder + Director of R&D

Tommy Bohrmann, PhD

Founder + Director of Statistical Practice

Tate Holt

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

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