So why does Roundtable Analytics exist? We face an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt the way healthcare is delivered in this country. 

At Roundtable Analytics we seek to revolutionize the way decisions are made throughout the industry. It has been said that in health today we do not lack data, we lack insights from data. We couldn’t agree more. This is where the opportunity lies. 

We have the right data, the right methods, and the right technology to create transformative change in healthcare BUT the effective synthesis of these components is unfortunately lacking. When these components act in concert, however, the result is real-time decision support for clinical, operational, and administrative stakeholders that transforms health systems into truly data driven enterprisesenterprises that are continuously learning how to deliver better care at lower costs.

We look forward to using this blog to share with you all how we are achieving our mission and the benefits all of our collaborators are realizing.

Welcome to the Roundtable!