Welcome to Benchmark Survey Data Entry Portal for FY2023 data collection! This marks the third year of SAEM’s partnership with Roundtable Analytics to facilitate both the administration of the AAAEM/AACEM Benchmark Survey and the analysis of the resulting data.

Please report activity for FY2023: July 1 2022 - June 30 2023 on all questionnaires.

This site contains information regarding how to complete, review and manage your responses to FY2023 AAAEM/AACEM Benchmark Survey questionnaires through Benchmark Survey Data Entry Portal.

Users of Benchmark Survey Data Entry Portal have the ability to

  • Create and download questionnaire workbooks for offline completion
  • Review and validate responses online
  • Upload completed or partially completed questionnaire worksheets
  • With permission, manage user accounts for their institution

Everything you need is in one central location - Benchmark Survey Data Entry Portal - available at the below URL:


New Survey Structure

The AAAEM/AACEM Benchmark Survey is a cross-sectional survey of U.S. and Canadian allopathic academic emergency departments (EDs) and academic emergency medicine (EM) departments. The AAAEM/AACEM Benchmark Survey is administered annually through a series of questionnaires. Questionnaires are designed to solicit information about EM departments and individual EDs.

The FY2023 AAAEM/AACEM Benchmark Survey is composed of the following questionnaires:

  • Single ED Questionnaires:
    • Primary Academic ED Questionnaire
    • Academic Affiliate ED Questionnaire
    • Pediatric ED Questionnaire
    • Community ED Questionnaire
    • Freestanding ED Questionnaire
  • EM Department Questionnaire
  • Faculty Salary Questionnaire
  • APP Salary Questionnaire

Respondents from health systems with two or more EDs should complete a single ED questionnaire for each ED in their health system. To ensure data fidelity, respondents to single ED questionnaires will be asked to confirm that responses are reported for a single ED.

User Administration

To request a new user account, modifications to an existing user’s permissions, or other administrative tasks please contact Roundtable Analytics at .


Users with appropriate permissions are able to download a blank questionnaire, upload a completed questionnaire, and review responses to completed questionnaires through the Questionnaires menu found on the left side of Benchmark Survey Data Entry Portal.

From this menu you may review who last edited that questionnaire and when they last made edits, along with whether a questionnaire is complete or not. If your health system contains two or more EDs then you may find several single ED questionnaires, one for each ED in your health system. You also have the option to review responses to quickly identify which questions have not yet been answered and whether any questions have warnings based on a potentially invalid response.

This screen shot shows the Benchmark Survey Data Entry Portal Questionnaires menu. To work with a particular questionnaire, just click on that row.

Getting Help

Anytime you see an information icon you may click for more information on a particular question or response. These information icons are meant to reduce ambiguity and provide guidance to improve the consistency and validity of response. This same information is available on downloaded questionnaire workbooks as well.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, you can email the Roundtable Analytics team at or click the Contact Us link which is always available on the left side of the Benchmark Survey Data Entry Portal homepage. You can mark your submission as “Urgent” or “Critical” to elevate the importance of your submission appropriately.

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